Cubefield game

Cube Field Free Brain Game will Make You Much Smarter!

Would you like to play a simple but intense and addictive game? Then choose Cube Field, an entertainment that is destined to be some kind of classics that everyone remembers. This game develops brain skills like concentration, visual perception, and reaction time. You can use these skills during when driving a car, playing sports or other physical activities as well.

How to Play Cube Field?

To complete this game you have to make your way through more and more sinuous maze of scrolling blocks. Gradually the field of the cube becomes blurred and pace gets faster; that makes your pulse increase. The goal is to hold on as long as possible trying to score the maximum points. As you progress through Cube Field Game, the screen background changes: from white to fluorescent green and black. Beware, don’t let it distract you!

There are two controls – use right and left arrow keys to move your grey ship through the virtual land full of endless cubes. Use Q to adjust quality and P to pause. Don’t hit any cubes, otherwise, you will lose.

Start this amazing game; enjoy its brilliance and growing rate. Good luck!

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