Angry Birds

Ruthless Angry Birds are Looking for New Prey!

This funny game is very popular nowadays. It is played not only on computers, but on mobile phones as well. Over 500 million users have downloaded different versions of this game since 2009. And over 30 million people play it every day!

The game developers do not stop improving their brainchild. They regularly release updates and additional levels to existing versions. Moreover, they constantly integrate Angry Birds game with social networks, as well as with other devices and platforms.

There are four main versions of this wonderful game.

Original variant is the most well-known version. To complete it, you have to kill all the pigs you will meet with the help of different birds. But this task is not so simple – crafty pigs can hide under various protective constructions like glass, wood, stone, concrete, sand and so on.

Angry Birds Seasons, a revised version of the existing game, is dedicated to many holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Chinese New Year and others.

Angry Birds Space is connected with our universe. Here you will find lots of planets, influence of the law of gravity and new “good” birds.

Now you can enjoy playing Angry Birds online too!

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