Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels – Amusing Bloody Game

This funny game isn’t for kids, it appeals to mature cunning and ingenuity. Happy Wheels game is an extremely hilarious rag doll performance with lots of funny characters. You can choose among Segway Guy, Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Explorer Guy, Pogostick Man, Effective Shopper, Lawnmower Man, and Santa Claus.

All these characters are available exclusively in the full game version of Happy Wheels. Play with any of them, the driving experience with every one of these characters is unique.

Play Happy Wheels by managing strange people in unusual vehicles. You have to kill them colorfully with the help of the game surroundings. For example, some characters can get hit by a rolling boulder.

You can select from three game versions nowadays. Certainly, the latest release is more improved.

While playing use arrows for moving, space for acceleration, Z for getting out of the vehicle, Ctrl and Shift for other actions.

Your main task is to finish various game levels without losing the character’s body parts. Even if you don’t win because of your character’s broken bones, you will enjoy it anyway. This brutal Satan-ruled mash is waiting for you!

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