Worlds Hardest Game

Test Yourself – Play World’s Hardest Game

Do you think you are smart enough to overcome this brain challenge? Then welcome to the hardest game in the world! It is not for paltry people, which get anxiety over quick simple logic problems. This intelligence game is for winners.

What makes this game so difficult and unique? Its design is so simple, that you’ll be easily fooled by it for the first time. The main secret of this world’s hardest game is its steady progress.

Each level is quite possible to complete. But it will require more and more ingenuity and patience from you as every new step is extremely tedious and time consuming.

This game has 30 interesting levels. You are the Red Square in it. To complete a level you have to collect all yellow dots. When you hit the blue point, you become a loser. That’s why you should avoid them. Green areas in the game are checkpoints. When you go to the Green Beacon, you will win.

Analyze every level before you start playing and plan ahead how you are going to win carefully. Remember, your goal is to complete the game with the lowest number of deaths. Time is not so important here.

Control by arrow keys. Have nice time playing!

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